Working From Home – What’s out There?

Since the birth of the home computer there have been people who have figured out how to turn their computer into an ATM machine.  If you’re like me, you have spent plenty of time looking at your laptop or desktop; wondering where the little ATM button is.  Why doesn’t my computer know how to make money?  I have searched high and low on the internet and have found a few business opportunities that look really promising.  And for your benefit, dear reader, I have done the research so you don’t have to.  I wish someone had done this for me.

So first you need to ask yourself a couple of questions.  Questions like What Do I Want to Do?  How Much Time Do I Have to Devote to This?  How Much Do I Want to Invest?  How Much Do I Want to Make?  Why?

If you are, for example, a stay-home mom whose kids are old enough that maybe you’re considering going back to work, there are some great opportunities for an at home business.  There are companies that are really tailor-made for women — companies that promote their products for women to women through parties at home.  These opportunities are great if you have the desire to host parties and maintain an inventory.  My two favorites are Madison Handbags ( and Origami Owl (  These companies were both started by women (well, Origami Owl was actually the brainchild of a teenager!) and they sell products that women love (custom-made handbags and jewelry) at house parties.  These are businesses with a fairly low-cost to start ($199 for Madison Handbags and Origami Owl is either $149 or $399 depending on the amount of inventory you start-up with).  I find the end-products of both companies to be very high-quality and alluring.  I would love to have these shiny objects and beautiful purses in my clutches.  The downside, in my opinion, of these business opportunities, is two-fold.  First, you must have inventory.  I live in a small townhouse and have no storage space.  Where would I keep my wares?  Second, you have to build a team of like-minded party hostesses to work beneath you in order to really succeed.  Which means you become a people manager.  So to me, that indicates a pretty big time commitment.  AND, not for nothing, if I had an extra couple hundred bucks, I probably wouldn’t be looking for a money-making opportunity online.

There are definitely other ways to go.  There are catalog based companies that sell furnishings, vitamins, cleaning products, etc. and you turn people on to their products and reap the benefits of a sort of commission paid on their purchases.  But these companies may have a minimum-purchase requirement and encourage you to build a team, so there you are, back in the people management business.

What if what I want is just a means to make the kind of money I need to do the kind of work I want to do?  For instance, if you are like me and you would like to make a living, not just scrape by, and you have goals that include giving back to your community in a very real way, you need a way to make a Lot of money.  And preferably, I mean, for me, anyway, without having to manage people.  What if there were just a way to flip a switch on your computer and make money?  Isn’t that the story we’re always told?  Some computer nerd develops a program and it allows you to basically hit the Money Button on your computer and voila! Money.  I have looked at some of these companies too.  The disheartening thing is:  many of these “opportunities” are scams.  Scams!  Preying on those of us who need to find a legitimate means to earn a living from home. One that really got my hopes up was “Social Commissions” by Adrian Morrison.  The video I saw about it, and an Infomercial I saw made it seem so easy and lucrative that I came THIS CLOSE to buying it.  But first, I typed in Adrian Morrison’s name and read the reviews that came up and discovered that, while it may not be a scam, it is not the free, easy do-it-yourself guide to making money online.  Instead, it is basically a come on to up-sell you and get you to buy a domain name and hosting.  And the easy instructions?  They’re not that easy.  So I dodged that bullet.  Whew.

So do yourself a favor:  whenever you feel yourself getting excited about the prospect of making money overnight with the magic MONEY button on your computer, go online and search the opportunity.  If you decide to move forward once you know, then you’re doing so with your eyes wide open and Hopefully you won’t get burned.